The Invention of the "Jock Strap"

One of Guelph's many famous inventions, the story of the "jock strap" is perhaps our most important contribution to athletic innovation.   We cannot lay claim to being the first of its kind. The concept of a protection garment for men in sports was recorded in the 1870s in America, with a knitted tight designed to avoid chafing while riding a bicycle and marketed as a "bicycle jockey-strap’.  

In 1927, the Guelph Elastic Hosiery made a significant improvement to the design by adding a hard cup  for added protection.  It was sold under the name "Protex".   A contest was held to name this new innovation and "jockstrap" became a household word.  

The owner of the company died in 1957, and Guelph Elastic Hosiery was sold.   Today, the company survives as Protexion Products, but no longer makes their most famous product. 




Source: Guelph Civic Museum