414-416 Eramosa Road

The two-storey stone building at 414-416 Eramosa Road, constructed prior to 1850, was originally one of a series of “farmer’s inns” along the Eramosa Road, between Guelph and Erin. The first meeting of Guelph’s Township Council was held here at the “Frog Pond Inn”, 20th January, 1850. In its early years, the tavern was operated by James Gay, eccentric Guelph poet and self-styled “ Poet Laureate of Canada”. Sometimes was known as “The House on the Moor”. It was Russell’s Hostelry in the 1860’s and was operated by William Hood in the 1870’s, The original name related to the nearby swamps and ponds which existed on both sides of Eramosa Road to the south of this building.

It was built with local limestone, pointed to appear as broken-coursed ashlar masonry. The Guelph Arts Council Heritage Awards gave its restoration a citation in 1978.

Source: City of Guelph Designation By-law  (1984)-11422.