Downtown Neighbourhoods

Guelph's oldest residential neighbourhoods have lost much of their original fabric, but surprisingly, hidden gems can still be found among the streets surrounding the downtown core.



The first residential lot sold by the Canada Company was located on Farquhar Street West and Freshfield Street. 

The oldest remaining home in the core neighbourhood is 81 Farquhar Street, an unassuming two-story wood frame home built circa 1832 by John Coombs Wilson.  

Gordon Street, between Waterloo and Wellington, was a bustling commercial corridor with two public houses, a general store, blacksmith, a hotel, private school, and lined with shops.   A former cobbler's shop at 25 Nottingham Street is one remnant of this thriving business district.



Old City area

Glasgow, Dublin, Essex, Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Surrey, Oxford, London, Liverpool, Cork, Bristol -- are you sensing a theme?   Many of the streets surrounding the downtown are named for British cities.   These street names extend just beyond the downtown edge to the west.