Sutherland, Lucy


Category:  Artist

Lucy SutherlandBetter known as Lady Duff Gordon, Lucy Sutherland was born in England in 1863, but later moved to Guelph as a child when her widowed mother returned to her childhood home to live with her parents (Thomas and Lucy Saunders).  Sutherland was briefly married to James Stuart Wallace, with whom she had a daughter, Esme.  She later married Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, a Scottish baronet, and the two travelled together on the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic in 1912.  

She is best known for her lasting impact on the fashion industry as the founder of the House of Lucile and Lucile Ltd. fashion houses in London, Paris and New York.  She pioneered many fashion firsts, including the runway fashion show and wide-brimmed hats. 

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