Galt, John


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John Galt

John Galt was born in Irvine, Scotland in 1779, the son of a naval officer who was involved in trade in the West Indies.  He began studying law in 1809, moved to London, and wrote stories and essays for local journals.   He travelled extensively with Lord Byron and published Byron first biography.  Galt returned to England where he married and worked as a consultant for several business ventures.

n 1824, Galt was appointed Secretary to the Canada Company.  In 1826, he embarked to Canada with the intent to begin land settlement and development in the Huron Tract.  On 23 April 1827, he ceremoniously founded the City of Guelph.   He co-founded the town of Goderich with Dr. William Dunlop later that year.   

Internationally, Galt is known more for his literary talents than as the founder of Guelph.

A detailed biography of Galt can be found here.

Galt's autobiography, including a detailed description of his founding of Guelph, is available online.